What size shall I order?

We have sizes charts for all our products. Go here to view our Sizing Charts >>

What does M8 or W7 or C9 or J2 mean?

M means Men’s, W means Women’s so for example a US M8/W10 would be a US Men’s size 8 and a US Women’s size 10. C or c stands for children so C9 is a children’s size 9, J stands for Junior so a J2 is a Junior size 2.

How do I pay?

Shoes2U accepts Visa, MasterCard and PayPal (and cash of course). We can also take direct deposit into our bank account. Contact us to enquire about any other payment method.

Is Shoes2U an Australian company?

Yes, we are Australian. Shoes2U are registered as White Boar Pty Ltd ACN 120 463 014 or ABN 30 120 463 014. You can check us out on ASIC website www.asic.gov.au

What do you know about shoes?

Shoes2U have been selling shoes online since 2005. We also ran a shopfront for many years so lots of experience with fitting.

What shipping do you use?

Shoes2U ships all purchases via Australia Post’s Parcel Post service and each order has its own tracking number. We offer FREE shipping on all orders .To keep costs down and enable us to offer great savings we often ship shoes without the original box (if you want the box please specify in the comments section when ordering). 

Do you sell overseas?

No. Shoes2U does not sell to overseas customers.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Your shoes should arrive within two-five working days. Many of our customers in major cities receive their purchases the next working day. We aim to post out all orders received by 4.30pm that day.

What happens if my shoes do not fit? 

See our returns policy here >>

Can I order by phone?

Yes. Shoes2U accepts phone orders call either 02 9569 6768 or send us a text on 0417 667 705 and we can get back to you. If you have ordered from us before let us know - we will have your details close at hand. Otherwise, tell us the shoe style, size, colour and your name, delivery address and telephone number.

Can I buy in person?

I operate out of my residential premises for now in Juliett st, Marrickville. Welcome to come here and pick up or try on shoes. Plenty customers have sat on the chair on my front porch to try shoes on.

How do I care for my Crocs? 

Exposure to extreme heat, sun dishwashers, washing machines or hot cars can cause Crocs shoes to shrink or warp. Do not expose them to any of these items.