Final Pair

Final Pair


Betula Funk for kids by Birkenstock in mocca brown narrow sizes Eu 29 only

A brown kids' sandal from Germany's most famous footwear brand


$24.99 (save 58%)

Clark Daisy shoes for girls in pewter glitter size UK c9 LAST PAIR

Runners for new children


$19.99 (save 60%)

Clarks Edinburgh black shoes for boys and youths size UK 1 LAST PAIR

Strong lace-ups shoes for boys


$24.99 (save 62%)

Collegien Hello blue/white French-made slipper socks LAST PAIR Eu 32-33

French-made slipper socks with sole in smaller sizes.


$32.99 (save 34%)

Crocs Classic kids' clogs in ocean blue sizes M1 only

New Crocs colour in a children's size


$24.99 (save 37%)

Crocs Colorlite Boots for children in navy blue and tumbleweed size C8 LAST PAIR

Bring on the wet weather! The fully lined Crocs rain boots will keep little feet dry.


$19.99 (save 69%)

Crocs Kadee girls' shoes in black size US J2/M2/ 2 LAST PAIR

The famous Kadee shoe - now in smaller sizes


$19.99 HALF PRICE!

Crocs Kadee girls' shoes in candy pink size J6 only

The famous Kadee shoe is now in smaller sizes - and in pink


$19.99 HALF PRICE!

Crocs Kids Classic clog navy blue size US M1/J1/ 2 only

Great Crocs for kids.


$24.99 (save 37%)

Cushe Slipper kids' metallic purple and pink sizes US 4 LAST PAIR

Great slip-ons for girls from a quality British brand


Diadora Fusion 3 girls' trainer in purple and pink size US 1 LAST PAIR

Trainer for children


$29.99 (save 40%)

Dunlop Hi-Leap shoes for children in orange and black size infant UK 7 LAST PAIR

A trusted brand in a new style


$19.99 (save 33%)

Finding Dory Crocband Sandals for children in ocean blue size c13 only LAST PAIR

Finding Dory-themed sandals


$29.99 (save 40%)

Grosby Anabelle black boots for girls size Au 4 LAST PAIR

Black boots in girls' sizes


$19.99 (save 60%)

Grosby Zander navy blue shoes for children size EU 29 LAST Size

Little boots for young children


$19.99 HALF PRICE!

Kids Crocband II Sandals in neon magenta and purple sizes infant C4, LAST PAIR

Sandals from Crocs for children


$29.99 (save 33%)

Kids' Retro Mary Jane girls slip on in neon purple and surf blue sizes c6 LAST PAIR

Retro-styled Mary Jane shoe for children


$19.99 (save 60%)

Meyu Ballerina shoe size Eu 35 LAST PAIR

Strong school shoes for active girls
(NO MORE STOCK AVAILABLE -once these quantities are sold)


$29.99 (save 77%)

Slazenger Baseline 2 for kids in white, navy and silver kids size Uk c8 only infant

Great kids' athletic shoe.


$19.99 (save 56%)

Slazenger Baseline white and silver kids' trainers size UK 8 LAST PAIR

On the court, we're in back in white


$24.99 HALF PRICE!

Slazenger Titanium Y White/pink/silver (kids) UK4 only LAST SIZE

Keep fit and look cool


$19.99 HALF PRICE!