School shoes

School shoes

School shoes
School shoes


Slazenger Baseline black youth trainers with laces- school shoes, runners

Black trainers with laces


Black Kids' 531 Blundstone leather boots

Blundstones for kids.


$89.99 (save 25%)

Slazenger Baseline black kids' leather trainers

On the court, we're in back in black


$24.99 HALF PRICE!

Blundstone (7030 & 7031) Harford black lace-up school shoes size c12.5, c13 only

Blundstone black lace up school shoe for kids.


$39.99 (save 64%)

Diadora Mary Jane leather school shoes sizes US 11, 6

Leather shoes for school


Diadora Study leather school shoes with Velcro size US 13 only LAST PAIR

Leather shoes for school


$39.99 (save 43%)

Diadora Study leather shoes for youths and adults sizes US 2, 9, 11 only

Leather shoes for school or work


$45.00 (save 44%)

Slazenger Baseline white and silver kids' trainers sizes UK 8, 9 10 only

On the court, we're in back in white


$24.99 HALF PRICE!

Diadora Fusion 3 boys' trainer in blue and orange

Trainer for children


$39.99 (save 20%)

Volley International black/dark grey

The roof tilers' choice for a sure grip.


Diadora Flexi Youth Velcro sports shoe in navy and white sizes c US 11, 12

Italian-designed trainers for children


$29.99 (save 40%)

Meyu Ballerina shoe size Eu 35 LAST PAIR

Strong school shoes for active girls
(NO MORE STOCK AVAILABLE -once these quantities are sold)


$29.99 (save 77%)

Slazenger Baseline 2 for kids in white, navy and silver kids size Uk c8 only infant

Great kids' athletic shoe.


$19.99 (save 56%)