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Making its debut in 1939, the famous Volley is perhaps Australia’s most famous sports shoe. It was even worn by Mark Edmondson in the 1976 Australian Open tennis final. Its sure grip also makes it a popular choice among roof-tilers.

Volley range is not limited to the famous white Volley. Browse through Shoes2U and see other examples from this great Australian brand.


A 100% Australian family owned company based in Hobart, Tasmania, Blundstone has a proud heritage since 1870 selling footwear for all purposes including heavy work, light work, hiking, playing, rainy days, sunny days, city and country. Available in safety and fashion styles, and now for kids, too.


Dating back to the 19th century, Slazenger is one of the world's oldest sporting brands. Its long association with tennis and cricket has seen it produce some of the world's best sports shoes for all sorts of conditions.

El Naturalista

Fashioned in Spain, the El Naturalista range of shoes combine traditional craftsmanship with an ethically aware focus on making the world a better place. At a time when Europe is going through crisis, now is a good time to remember that continent's fine craft traditions. The shoes and sandals are lovingly made by hand, with attention getting-colours and styles. You can walk all day in the soft, comfortable soles and the leather uppers will last for years.

El Naturalista is committed to doing well by the planet, and the company uses as many recycled products as possible in its shoes’ design and manufacture. In addition, a percentage of the company’s profits are returned to projects such as schools and community projects in Africa.

To feel good on your feet and feel good in your heart, order El Naturalista through Shoes2u.

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Fly London

Fly London is a great brand from Britain.


Now more than 10 years old, Crocs have take over over the world. The bright clogs were hard to miss, thanks to the range of bright colours they came in and the distinctive design. But, as their adherents would say to sceptics, boy, were they comfortable. And the shoe took over the world.

The clog-shaped Beach style of Croc is still available, but it has since been joined by countless other styles that suit all ages and genders.


The famous Italian shoe brand is renowned for its stylish athletic shoes that look and feel sporty. Check out our football boots, too.


Made in France, these cool slipper socks keep you warm and have a sole that will keep your feet dry.


Billie mixes comfort with urban style for great shoes that won’t cost the earth.

Billie are all about experimenting with innovative fabrics and fresh colours, making them a must-have style accessory to any season's wardrobe.

So whether it be you girls heading down to the beach, you guys going out for a big night out on the town, you parents taking your kiddies for a fun day out...don't leave the house without your Billies on!

Chic Empire

When American companies started circling around the ugg boot name, Australians were up in arms. Chic Empire is waving the sheepskin flag, though. The locally owned company has been manufacturing ugg boots in its Melbourne premises for more than 30 years. Today Chic Empire’s Australian-made boots are seen on cold feet all over the world.


Comfortable, lightweight summer shoes.

Fold them up and store them anywhere when they’re not on your feet. Stick them in your bag when you’re in the water or walking barefoot through the park.

Huge in Europe.


Fine footwear from an innovative Melbourne designer.


Redback boots are made in Australia for Australian conditions. Made in Sydney, these tough work boots will withstand all sorts of brutal treatment. And they look pretty sharp, too.


Fine shoes and boots made from super soft leather.