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Blundstones Care

Clean and polish them so they look like new again

  • Remove dirt with a soft brush or a damp cloth
  • Apply wax, polish or cream to the boots with small circular motions
  • Shine up with a yellow polishing cloth.

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El Naturalistas Care

How to give your leather El Naturalista shoes a glow up

  • Remove dirt and dust with a soft brush or cloth
  • Apply a wax product, Dubbin or similar which can protect leather footwear. (do not use on suede or non-leather footwear)
  • If needed removable insoles can be hand washed

El Naturalistas Sizing Charts

Crocs Care

Very important Crocs care

Exposure to extreme heat, sun, dishwashers, washing machines or hot cars can cause Crocs shoes to shrink or warp. Do not expose them to any of these items.

  • Clean your Crocs with cold water and rinse away any dirt
  • Wash or use a damp cloth with mild soap and cold water
  • Leave your Crocs out to dry (not in direct sunlight) or in front of a fan

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Fly London Care

Fly London

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