About Shoes2u

Meet the future of shoe shopping

Shoes2u is Sydney’s premier home-based ecommerce footwear store. 

What is home-based ecommerce? It is the future of retail for consumers tired of the soulless conventional chain-store shopping experience. 

Shoes2u is your local home-based ecommerce brand: it is buying within your community, it is giving business owners and buyers flexibility to do more with additional free time, it is shopping locally without environmentally costly car and freight journeys. It’s doing away with organising painful product returns and trips to the post office for missed deliveries. 

Shoes2u began in 2005 when, after eight months travelling overseas Shona arrived back in Sydney jobless and couch-surfing. While in Venice Beach she had bought a pair of funny red holey clogs called Crocs that were super comfy and eye-catching; so much so that she was constantly stopped in the street and asked about her shoes. A light bulb went on and she managed to hook up with Crocs Asia and persuade them they needed her as one of the emerging brand’s first distributors in Australia.

Fast forward four years she was supplying Crocs to shops all over NSW, running its online store and organising numerous pop-up stalls: all done with her trusty dachshund Sausage at her side.

Sausage was joined by a couple of human kids and Shona’s business evolved into Shoes2u, an online and in-store business stocking an ever-changing array of variety of brands and operating out of the unique warehouse premises in Marrickville. More than a place to kit out your feet, the warehouse became known for its kiddy playroom, dog-friendly vibes, community spirit and bargain prices. Come at the right time and you could have run into Shona’s kids and dog hanging around the warehouse. 

The hustle of life and family took over and in 2017 the warehouse was sadly shut. Missing all her lovely customers, Shona downsized and did a bit of dog walking and volunteering with animal-rescue charities. 

Today, Shoes2u is a home-based ecommerce shoe business. Customers still purchase online and they can also swing round to pick up or try on shoes on the porch at Juliett Street Marrickille.

Shona loves seeing customers return to the porch: whether it is ever-growing children trying on new Blundstones as they head back to school or the El Naturalista devotee looking for the latest boots from the eco-conscious brand. 

Shoes2u operates in the heart of its community. Shona makes sure Shoes2u embodies the Inner West vibe and is active in her community, helping in kids P & C, hitting the local breweries and often being seen on the hill at the Newtown Jets.

She is also a keen soccer player and loves watching the game live, whether it is the national teams, Sydney FC or local heroes the Marrickville Red Devils.